Leaving Hollywood: From Actress to Entrepreneur

Recently I sat down with my business partner Troy Dean and talked about a key moment in my life that put me on a new path to entrepreneurship. It involved a mountaintop, broken bones and a heck of a lot of healing.

The decision to make any change in business is hard enough, but coupling that with an industry that constantly preaches perseverance almost makes it sacrilegious to leave it all behind. I’m not surprised that it took a huge accident to force me into my new path.

It still took a few years to bounce around to different passions before the realization that, with the internet, I could create my own business. I can confidently say, however, falling off a cliff was the starting point.

In order to avoid a new calling in your business involving serious physical inquiry, I encourage any future entrepreneur out there, to begin with the “why.” In Hollywood, I wanted to help tells stories – more specifically help others tell their story. I’ve followed my “why” all the way through film production to writing to website design, and to coaching others to take their business online and tell their story.

If you are lost at where to start with your “why”, try these questions:

Why does your business exist?
What greater purpose are you trying to achieve?
What changes are you trying to affect in your customers or the community?
What problems are you trying to help your customer?
What problems are you trying to help your customers solve and why are those problems important?
What do you want to share specifically and why?
What do you want to share specifically and why?

… And remember to always stay on the path when hiking ; )

Kristina Romero

With a decade of experience in Hollywood and over a decade in the business world, Kristina has developed a passion for helping others tell their own stories. As a website designer bringing companies online to a coach assisting business owners in crafting a better business. View more about Kristina's latest projects at kristinaromero.com or romeromedia.org.