The Challenge and Rewards of “Keep Writing”

Kristina with script

This past Fall, I volunteered to teach an elective at my son’s junior high school. I briefly considered teaching web design and marketing (my work for the last 15 years), but that just seemed like too much work. If I was going to do this, I wanted it to be fun, so I decided to…

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It Took Me 11 Years to Understand My Target Market

the two different covers of calling extra

When my daughter finally reached the age of devouring books independently (kicked off by her love of the Harry Potter series), I was thrilled to introduce her to my historical fiction novel, Calling Extra. I had finished the book and published it just one month before I found out I was pregnant with her. This introduction…

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Recurring Revenue Retreat in Walt Disney World

I’m so excited to announce I’ll be speaking and running a hands-on-workshop at Walt Disney World as part of the Recurring Revenue Retreat, August 29-30, 2019. The Recurring Revenue Retreat is a two-day conference and one-of-a-kind event all about secure recurring revenue in the web industry through everything from SaaS to care plans to digital…

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Leaving Hollywood: From Actress to Entrepreneur

Recently I sat down with my business partner Troy Dean and talked about a key moment in my life that put me on a new path to entrepreneurship. It involved a mountaintop, broken bones and a heck of a lot of healing. The decision to make any change in business is hard enough, but coupling that with…

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My Pivotal Business Moment

I was to have the chance to talk to the amazing Seth Godin and get advice for my business. Now, what transpired was something I never could have imagined – a total business transformation.

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Loving Your “Boss Self”

Recently I wrote a guest blog post for the WP Elevation blog on “What To Do When You Hate Your Boss, And Your Boss is YOU!” The topic was a breeze to write as regulating workflow as your own boss is a common struggle for us self-employed folk. I was pleased at the positive response it received.…

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